Friday, February 10, 2006

Son of Everything But the Oink continued

......I was very upset about A. M.'s response. The word "nix" in her original email is a slang expression that in this context is just short of saying "f**k you. Haven't heard "nix" in years. There's a local advance-on-your-paycheck operation down the street from me called "Nix." As recently as thirty years ago, anyone approaching the place for a "loan" woulda subliminally thought the outfit was in the business of NOT giving you a loan.......singer Beverly Kenney has remained extremely popular in Japan for the nearly half-century since her death. Something to do with the quality in her voice of a quality known in that country as "hakanasa." Hard to translate, but something like "vulnerability".......Dear Lincoln: Technically "bel dormir" means "sleep well" but that's not quite correct and it always used to crack Michel Legrand up whenever I said it. He would ask me to say it over and over and over. And just laugh and laugh and laugh. I haven't seen Michel for years and if we met up today, he probably wouldn't remember me. Full hard drive. But all I would have to say is "Bel Dormir" and it would probably ALL come rushing back to him......Jerry: Do you you remember the time in high school when we ran into Haynes Record Shop on West Washinton Street and stole a lifesize Doris Day cardboard cutout for the original cast recording of the Pajama Game? I believe you distracted them, while I ran in and snatched up Doris. You will, of course, NOT remember (no one has long term memory like me) but trust me my old friend, you were an accomplice. Just think, if we still had that--Doris migrated back and forth between the inside of our locker doors----we could sell it on Ebay and retire to Gstaad. Probably the only thing I stole from a store in my life...but WHO could resist? I guess the "statue" of limitations has run out on that little caper.......David E. hopes that there is an Unreturned Calls Hell . For those who subscribe to the notion that "He or she who ends the day with the most unreturned phone calls. . .wins." In "UPC Hell," one would have access to a telephone and a number that tells you how to get OUT of hell. But it's answered by a machine that play thirty minutes of rap before informing the caller, "We'll get back to you just as soon as possible with instructions for getting out of UPC Hell." But it will take an eternity for them to return the call.